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With insights from an expert in branding, marketing, and business strategy, “Market Resilient Machine, The 7-Step Guide on Building Your Profitable Brand” is a must-read for entrepreneurs, business leaders, startups and anyone looking to build a profitable business in the fast-changing world.


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Market Resilient Machine is a simple step-by-step guide to leveraging your product or service and upgrading it to a sustainable, profitable brand. 

You don’t know how to get the best out of your product or service and attract more customers.

You are losing sales and a competitive advantage.

You want to offer more to your customers.

You want to not only survive but thrive in the dynamic market.

You are anxious about changes.

You feel stuck on how to move on.

Written by
Simona Zajc

Simona is a marketer, an expert in brand building, and an award-winning author, lecturer, and mentor. She has more than two decades of experience in brand building and marketing across diverse industries and roles. Her extensive background provides her with a wide-ranging perspective for recognising brand growth potential.

She offers consulting services to companies, imparting strategies to expedite growth by developing authentic sustainable brands. She has been successful in aiding startups in creating brand strategies for pitching investors. 

Furthermore, Simona is the founder of the 7-Step approach to building market resilient businesses.

What Others Are
Saying About The Book

The ever-changing business landscape demands that we apply the most powerful and effective marketing framework today. Businesses that don’t step up their marketing game will be left behind. Simona brilliantly outlines insightful and effective strategies and actionable tactics to equip your business for a new season of lasting success. Take your business to the next level!

Bill Dolan / TV Director / Author

The most important thing in life is how we use our time. It does not mean we have to create and do something every second but to feel every moment. If we run all our lives, if we rush and above all, we correct the mistakes of the experiments we have made, we lose the feeling of living. And if we do not feel in life, life has no value. Therefore, it is essential to do things in the correct order. This book will not only save your time, but it will also save your life.

Prof. ddr. Milan Krajnc / Psychotherapist, Nobel Prize nominee, Author of the Dynamic Leadership Model

Market Resilient Machine is highly readable. Fun, everyday language and examples. More than that, the book’s final step leads to worthwhile rewards, such as this principle: “First, people look for meaning in their work; and second, they ask for the acceptance of who they genuinely are.” You’re on the right path when you realize that marketing and branding must do more than sell products these days.

Lee Towe / Pie Growers Founder

Highly recommended. It was a real pleasure to have an opportunity to read this book. A simple but yet effective way to convey the process of brand building. Day to day language used to resonate with my business emotion connection. Plenty of brand building examples to challenge my business mind, help me to re think and refresh my way to set my strategies. Great book to reignite my passion and reference book to keep motivated to improve and move forward. You should read this too.

Clifford Chen / Senior Trade and Shopper Marketing

Why Build The Brand?

Brand building is a strategic business approach that offers numerous benefits to companies seeking to achieve their objectives:

A powerful brand can serve as a lucrative asset, enabling businesses to generate revenue while differentiating themselves from competitors in a highly competitive marketplace. 

Establishing an authentic and appealing brand can foster greater engagement with a target audience, build a long-term relationship, strengthen trust and inform product development to meet market demands. 

Moreover, a well-defined brand focus can facilitate optimal resource utilization and enhance internal team alignment, leading to greater operational efficiency and more effective goal attainment. 

Did you know that creating great prompts for AI tools to get most relevant outcome often demands great knowledge of your brand strategy?

As such, building a brand should be a top priority for entrepreneurs seeking to optimise their business’s performance and maximise their chances for a sustainable success.


What’s In The Book

Discover the 7-Step method to build a resilient and sustainable business in a dynamic evolving world.


RETHINK YOUR PURPOSE: Your purpose is your business compass that helps keep you focused on your goals, provides a sense of direction and makes it easier to make decisions and measure progress towards achieving them. 


REFLECT YOUR MARKET ROLE: A clear vision gives you clarity on the market position you want to hold in the near future. Your mission is telling you how you will get there, and it helps align employees, stakeholders, and decision-making towards achieving long-term success.


REEVALUATE YOUR MARKET RELEVANCE: Understand and meet the needs of the people by providing products or services that solve their problems and improve their lives. 


RESTORE YOUR CUSTOMERS’ TRUST: Providing an experience that matters, consistently delivering on your promises and mastering your area will bring you closer to your customer.


REMARKABILITY IS THE ONLY OPTION: Stand out in the market by offering unique and innovative products or services that exceed customer expectations.


RESHAPE YOUR COMMUNICATION: Update your communication framework to reach and engage your target market effectively.


REWARDS ARE A REFLECTION OF YOUR ACTIONS: Rewarding employees, the environment, and people positively impact the bottom line as it leads to increased motivation, productivity, and loyalty, which in turn results in higher profits and growth.

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