How can you fill the empty space in your customers’ brains with your brand?

“You are asking why I should know what my customers think or feel? I know what I am selling; I know my product well.”

What are you selling, is it whitening toothpaste, holiday tents with jacuzzi, and tires with a high profile? Who wouldn’t like to have all that? True, you should know your product well, sorry you should know it excellent, but this is just one side of the coin. Have you ever asked yourself why people are looking for this specific product? Turn your coin to the other side, look at your product from a different perspective, that is where a real value lays. It goes beyond just the features of your product. Our potential customers consciously, even more often subconsciously are trying to find a solution to their problems, to fulfill their wishes and needs, to feel happier, look better, fill an empty space they feel. People’s primary driver for decisions is emotions.

Whitening toothpaste is not only about white teeth, but it is about the confidence that it is bringing when you smile. A tent with jacuzzi is not only about feeling bubbles and at the same time having a great view on a green surrounding, it is about a feeling of luxury, feeling you are special. High profile tires, yes, they might look good, but having them brings you as a driver precious comfort knowing you are providing your family a safe ride. It is difficult to argue that this is not emotions, right.

So the critical question for you as a brand owner would be How can I really know my customers to offer my product as something that would make their lives better, more comfortable, healthier? Knowing what they feel, want, need, dreaming of, trying to solve, achieve, and become gives you a new perspective of shaping a relevant offer to them and often a tremendous competitive advantage. This fact opens a strategic question for you How to address your potential buyers’ emotions?

Don’t sell, make an offer that brings value to fill an empty space your potential customers feel.